Interior Systems


Interior elements

Quality and experience

Based on our decades of experience in the area of surface finishing for leather, sheet material and new materials, we guarantee our customers individuality and luxurious surroundings in the vehicle interior. In addition, our products are outstanding due to the bundling of engineering and production expertise into an exceptional design language as well as innovative functionalities.

Interior elements

Innovation and expertise

Innovative interior solutions for the premium automobile segment provide extraordinarily high-quality surfaces and fascinating designs.

Interior elements

Every stitch counts

Unlike fabric, a needle hole in leather hide cannot be eliminated. This is why the sewn covers for instrument panels and center consoles are made by hand.

Interior elements

Like a tailor-made suit for every vehicle

Our high-quality instrument panels, center consoles and door panels work together in many premium automobiles to provide an optimum atmosphere of well-being in the interior.

Interior Systems

Innovative processes

Interior Systems



The best parts

Every skin is different. Only the perfectly trained eye of an expert can identify the best pieces of leather and combine the individual parts to create perfect harmony in the finished vehicle.


Variety of variants

Whether it is handcrafted genuine leather, modern surface materials such as visible natural fibers, or innovative materials such as DecoSoul – DRÄXLMAIER provides individuality in the automobile interior.


Individual character

The character of an automotive interior is always the synthesis of materials, surfaces, colours and surface layouts. Split mass, seam patterns and radii make the result perfect.


Variant diversity

Whether it is handcrafted genuine leather, modern surface materials such as visible natural fibers, or innovative materials such as DecoSoul – DRÄXLMAIER provides individuality in the automobile interior.

Interior Systems

of ambient light

Functional lighting

supplementary features

Ambient lighting began as a decorative element. In the future, it will perform functions and, as a human-centered light, also influence psychology and physiology.

Using this feature, it would be possible to expand the range of electric vehicles  – for example, if the color effects made the passengers feel subjectively warmer, then the actual temperature could go lower and energy could be saved for a longer driving range.

Functional integration

storage trays

With dTray easy, the DRÄXLMAIER Group has developed a high-quality storage system that is integrated into the design. This is an adaptive storage system, which can be pulled out by the end-user as needed and then remains in the open position using a simple mechanism. The unique closing mechanism can also be operated with only one hand and without requiring a great deal of force.

Interior Systems

and things to know

Color variety

Thanks to RGB-LEDs, the light solutions for ambient lighting can reproduce up to 284 trillion light colors.

Traditional handcrafting

DRÄXLMAIER has 140 years of experience in working with leather.

By the numbers

DRÄXLMAIER processes more than 85,000 kilometers of thread and 200,000 cow hides per year.