Taking responsibility

"We have to remain true to the values that have always characterized us: cooperation within the company; thinking and acting for each other and with each other; and absolute reliability."

Fritz Dräxlmaier Sr., company founder

What we do

Our Guiding

Sustainable products

Ecological-efficient products reflect the USP of the DRÄXLMAIER Group and generate therefore an added value for our customers. Our understanding of sustainable products includes social and ecological criteria of the material procurement up to the product delivery. We want to identify and value the ecological effects of our used materials and processes and improve them continuously.

Climate change

We commit to follow the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement and to economize climate-neutrally at the latest in 2050 by consequent carbon emission savings. Strategical efficiency measures in the logistics and the production, as well as the ecological source of energy in our locations are reprehensive for our obligation.

Social responsibility

The people are always in the center of our actions. We show responsibility for our employees and their families. Further we exert ourselves actively for the needs of the people in the supply chains. The UN guiding principles for economy and human rights flank our actions. 

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